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Marketing your books in 2016


My friends Deb and Lina just got back from a week long trip in Chicago at the Book Expo, the largest book publishing event in North America.

A ton goes into this conference because they want authors to keep coming back every single year paying steep ticket fees, might I add ($1200 or more!)

So Deb and Lina sat through the most important sessions that really matter to authors and publishers today, RIGHT NOW, 2016, (with no hype and no theory).

The presenters provided the latest information about book publishing and marketing and Deb and Lina are going to provide highlights and insights in Book Expo Exposed.

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Here is some of what they will cover:

  • Print Books On The Rise? How Amazon is reacting to tapering e-book sales and why readers PREFER print books!
  • How Important Are Audiobooks? And the Shocking Driving Force of Audiobook Sales (you won’t believe this)
  • The Hot Genre Even Adults Can’t Put Down (It’s Easier than you think to publish to this niche)
  • Why Book Marketing is Out (and this kind of marketing is SO in and 1000 times more effective…)
  • What Social Platforms Readers are Learning About New Books (and what social platforms are a ghost town for book buyers)
  • How Libraries Decide Which Books To Buy (and what they are looking for with their limited budgets)
  • The Most Effective Strategy To Price Your New Book At Full Price (NO – you don’t have to discount your new books to sell a ton of copies)
  • When Most Books Are Selling (hint, it’s nowhere near launch time!)
  • Why Not To Hate Marketing Your Book (When you think of it like this, your attitude will change)

Get the latest information about publishing and what’s working right now

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PS You don’t want to miss this – just one of these could 10X what you are making right now.